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An Existential inquiry to finding a “Higher Power”

If you have read the AA Big Book or other 12 Step program literature it states in Steps 2 & 3 are as follows:

“We came to believe that a Power  greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity“ and that this power is  known as a “ Higher Power” or “ God as we understand Him”.  Everyone’s  Higher Power may be different, but it has the same function. It  is an essential part of the 12 Step process that each member find his/her Higher Power to work the program and make progress in recovery.

However, there are many cannot grasp or believe in a power greater than “Self” which becomes an obstacle in following and benefiting from the program.

To address this issue about what this “Higher Power” is , I would like to pose the following existential questions that may stimulate your curiosity as to what your “Higher Power“ may be.

Can you ever remember a time when you did not exist?

In my actual experience, I cannot remember a time when I did not exist.

If “I“ have always existed, the next question would then  be “Who am I“ and is your “I“ different from my “I“ ?

Although we have heard and read about other people and events that occurred and existed before we were born, does this mean that you did not exist then ?

If  you can remember a time that you did not exist,  please let me know because everyone I have asked has had the same answer as “I“.

I would like to share this following limerick with you:


There Always is, there Always  was, and there Always will be.  Wherever I go I Always find me. Because I Always am and Always will be, Always has Always been true for me.


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